Learning through Play

learning through play

At Pinocchio’s Preschool our aim is to provide a secure environment in which all our children can flourish. All children are treated as individuals and are able to learn and achieve through play.

The curriculum offered at Pinocchio’s encourages children to develop positive attitudes to other people, empathise with others and begin to develop the skills of critical thinking. We do this by:

  • Making children feel valued and good about themselves
  • Ensuring all children have access to the same opportunities to learn
  • Reflecting the widest possible range of communities in our resources
  • Creating an environment of mutual respect and tolerance

We believe that children thrive on positive praise and you will see a lot of that at Pinocchio’s. We operate a system of key persons – each child has a special person assigned to them. We keep records of each child’s achievements, which we share with parents throughout the term. For more information, see the Key person section.