At Pinocchio’s we help children to learn about a range of foods, cultural approaches to mealtimes and to respect the differences among them. We encourage good table manners, cleanliness and healthy eating.

A mid-morning snack of milk or water and fruit will be offered to your child and we ask that you provide a piece of fruit each week that can be shared amongst the children.

Afternoon snack is carbohydrate based; this could be toast, crumpets, scones, flapjacks, bagels etc. Children often prepare their own healthy snacks to enjoy with their friends.

Drinking water is available to the children throughout the day.

Lunch at Pinocchio’s is a packed lunch provided by the parents. We ask that you do not include:

  • Chocolate, including chocolate drinks and foods containing chocolate chips
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Nuts or products containing nuts

We also ask that the packed lunch is in a clearly named container which includes a drink. We recommend that an ice pack is included as food must be stored at a temperature of 10 degrees. Please can you ensure that your child recognises their lunch box. This will help your child feel happy about staying to lunch and settle in with the lunchtime routine.

If you need any help or guidance providing fun, tasty, healthy and economical lunch boxes, please ask to speak to our Health Eating Coordinator.

We encourage children to sit with their friends and eat their meals in a sociable and polite manner.