Key Person

key person

Pinocchio’s work on the Key Person approach, this ensures that every child has a great relationship with an adult at preschool, who will support their educational and emotional needs.

Each child is allocated a key person before their start date. We form excellent bonds with our children and their families. Each child is confident in knowing there is an adult looking out for them when they are away from their parents, and parents are confident knowing there is a specific person they can talk to about their child.

The key person assigned to your child will be completely aware of your child’s development, emotionally, educationally and physically. They will record your child’s progress in their individual development file and you will be able to look at it at any time.

As a parent you will most likely meet your child’s key person for the first time at the ‘Open Day’ at the beginning of term. You will be able to develop your relationship at each drop-off and pick-up and chat in length at Parent’s Evening’s.

Pinocchio’s is always happy to welcome parents to come in and spend time with the children, which is another great way to see how your key person interacts with your child. You can also ask for an appointment for a private consultation with your key person at any time to discuss any questions you might have.

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