Parents Information

settling your child

  • Settling your Child

    When your child begins preschool, be prepared to stay with them as long as they need you to.  Some children settle very quickly and others take time to feel secure and happy, (don’t worry if your child is upset when you leave them, we don’t mind and they soon settle). You are always welcome to […]
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  • Messy Play

    While at the Preschool your child will have the chance to experiment with lots of different media such as paint, glue, play dough, gloop and play with water and sand.  It is easy to get messy so please remember this when dressing your child.  We do supply aprons but it is hard to completely protect […]
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  • Committee

    We are a voluntary run preschool with a committee made up of parents and ex parents. We are registered with Poole Children Information Services and are members of the Pre-School Learning Alliance (PSLA). By enrolling your child with us all parents become members of the PSLA and can access training and other events organised by […]
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  • Fundraising

    Pinocchio’s Preschool is committed to giving your child the best start possible at the most economical fee. To achieve this aim it is vital that funds are raised from other sources such as. Fetes Sponsored Events Raffles Car Boot Sales To do this we need and appreciate the support of parents, family and friends. All […]
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