Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stages is a framework for learning, development and care for children from birth to five.

Play is vital for children.
It is through play that young children learn, grow and have fun.  It helps them to understand the world around them and to develop socially and emotionally.By singing songs, reading together, playing games with letters and numbers, and having fun with friends gives them a head start.  It means being sure each individual child is learning through high quality play, that’s tailored to them.  So they develop at their own pace, having fun, making friends and learning as they play.  Becoming confident, secure children who, when the time comes, are better prepared for school.

Our sessions are planned around the children’s interests, therefore a lot of our activities are child led allowing children to use their own ideas and develop an inquisitive approach to their learning. Activities are exciting, and children are fully engaged learning through their play.  All children work towards the Early Learning Goals as set out in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) provided by the Department for Education and Employment (DFEE).

We plan our curriculum with a view to meeting your child’s unique needs through the three prime and four specific areas of learning.

The three prime areas are:

  1. Personal, social and emotional development;
  2. Communication and language;
  3. Physical development.

These prime areas are those most essential for your child’s healthy development and future learning.

As children grow, the prime areas will help them to develop skills in four specific areas:

  1. Literacy;
  2. Mathematics;
  3. Understanding the world;
  4. Expressive arts and design.

These seven areas are used to plan your child’s learning and activities.